Do you like a challenge? And might you be interested in STEM?
Then you might like the challenges underneath, which could teach you a thing or two about the stars in our sky and light pollution, or about top technology at CERN, about solar and lunar eclipses, about morse code and even about the historic travels of Portuguese discoverers and the things they brought with them.


The Belgian topic STEAM 1 takes you on a fascinating voyage starting with the Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator. In his days people found their way using the stars as their guide. They knew the time by observing the sun and the stars. Is this still possible these days? A long time ago you could see 2,500 stars at night. You could even see the Galaxy. Nowadays in most cities we only see a few stars with the naked eye. Light pollution has highly reduced the perceptibility of the starry sky. How bad is light pollution where you live? If you want to know, do the Cassiopeia test.

Test is available HERE.

The Greek topic STEAM2 introduces you to Democritus and leads you to CERN, Europe's advanced research centre.

What do you know about atoms, CERN, ...? If you want to know, do this quiz.

Quiz is available HERE.

With Pehr Wilhelm Wargentin the Swedish topic, STEAM3, leads you on the path of "observation". You observe the sky and study the lunar eclipse. Did you know that every year there are at least 2 and at most 5 lunar eclipses?

Click HERE and you will see that there are still 6 lunar eclipse before the end of 2020.

Click HERE and you will see that between 2021 and 2030 there will be about 25 further eclipses.

It would be great if you noted the dates, took a picture and uploaded it HERE.

Nice pictures may be uploaded onto our Facebook Page.

The Italian topic, STEAM4, takes us from Marconi and Morse to mobile apps.
On the internet you can find multiple apps that allow you to write Morse code. You might need them to come up with the answers to the questions in this document

Creative answers concerning question n° 3 may be published on our Facebook Page.

In the fifth topic, STEAM5, we get acquainted with the Portuguese discoverers and their travels. In our STEAM for ALL - STEAM @ HOME game you can learn about these journeys and products from all over the globe that this way found their way to Portugal and Europe.

You can play the game HERE.

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